Sky Burial is a work of personal combat against the internal engine that pushes me away from dreams. There is a place in between floating aimlessly with your head in the clouds and just scraping by in the mud-realm of men and commerce. Every song has an adventure behind it. Every adventure begins with a question. Sky Burial is what it sounds like when I come out on top against the menial indignities that the scared, frustrated, and weak of heart work to impose upon us. Sky Burial is my quest to find a place that feels like Home. Sky Burial is 10 songs made using common Nintendo Entertainment System sample loops that I cleaned up and fine-tuned a few cents here and there, with special thanks to bucky for Snare #25 from his DPCM pack and maktone for the kick drum, which I lifted from a mod called "Dogfight." Fully analog mastering by Joel Hatstat, who completed the realization of a childhood dream by launching things to the In-Your-Face layer of the stratosphere. Close your eyes and have your own adventure. - JACE BARTET